Academiology is an outlet for presenting research in a palatable way, for literature reviews within and across
disciplines, and for personal narratives about the graduate experience at the University of Calgary.

To contact editors, email academiology.uofc@gmail.com

Editors: Madison M Bradley, Jaclyn Carter, Monica Henderson


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Mathematics and Engineering

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

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Life as a Grad Student

Submission guidelines

Writers are free to select their own content as it relates to their experiences in academia (for example: a short article
about a research project, a video about a research method or a photo essay of days spent in the field). The purpose
of posts is to deliver knowledge across departmental lines and to the broader community. Each submission needs to
include a strong title and an ‘about author’ section.

Submitted posts are reviewed by the editors. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Submissions can be sent to: academiology.uofc@gmail.com 

Submission Types
Blog Post

Maximum 800 words. The format is flexible, but should be most similar to a magazine article or a personal essay.
Writing must be concise and engaging, but still accessible (keep jargon to a minimum). Figures and/or pictures are
strongly encouraged.


A 2-5 minute long video submitted as an embeddable YouTube link, along with a 150-200 word description of the
video content.

Photo Essay

A gallery of up to 15 photos that tell a cohesive narrative with short descriptive captions.

About Author section (within blog post)



Two sentences about yourself in third person